Wildflower Windhounds was born out of my sheer joy for the Silken Windhound. We are located on a 4 acres mini-farm in the beautiful hills of Missouri. My first introduction to sighthounds came in the form of my Whippet Donati. He is goofy, a little crazy, and always entertaining. When searching for a playmate for my whippet I was delighted to discover the Silken Windhound. We acquired Apple, Springlane Kristull Cupid, from The Hounds of Springlane, and we have been hooked ever since! In the Spring of 2007 we got Willow, Kristull Wind Dancer,from Chris of Renaissance Borzoi and Silkens. Both Apple and Willow have been a dream and our my foundation gals that I founded Wildflower Windhounds upon. I cannot thank Teri and Chris enough for entrusting us with these two girls and helping us along our journey.


Here at Wildflower Windhounds, health is our top priority. My background and passion lies in alternative health practices. If you would like to hear more about my background I am more than happy to chat about it and share what I have learned. As a natural rearing breeder my goal is to build a foundation of excellence upon breeding for health, sound structure, temperament, and beauty. And while there is no animal or human free of genetics problems or disease, feeding a raw species appropriate diet, eliminating vaccines and chemicals, health testing, and careful breeding can most certainly decrease issues. For us these practices go beyond champion titles and looks. They reach to the core of natural health and longevity of future generations.

Our core philosophy can be summed up as “back to the earth.” We support a sort of archaic revival if you will. A re-setting of the compass towards old-world principles of foundation.


We exclusively feed a whole prey model that has been modeled after what the dog’s very close relative the wolf would eat in the wild. If a dog was wild and able to choose its own prey, they would hunt deer, bison, rabbits, rodents, fish, etc. When they caught their prey, they would eat everything. Muscle meat, hair, organs, bones, fat, etc. So the whole prey model diet includes feeding the entire animal to our hounds. This isn’t always feasible for large ruminants, even though we do occasionally acquire whole deer. It does work for smaller game such as chickens, turkey, and fish. We use the method of feeding a wide variety of animal parts and organs fed over time, which is in turn very similar to feeding whole animal. We also feed organic and/or natural foods only. That includes free-range organic chickens and turkeys, grass-fed, hormone and antibiotic free beef and bison, wild deer, ocean caught fish, raw organic milk, cream, and butter from pasture-raised cows,free-range, non-gmo eggs. For treats we offer free-range dehydrated liver pieces. Here is a general rule of thumb on ratios:
80% meat- muscle, fat, heart, tongue, gizzards, etc.
10% edible and digestible bone.
10% Organs – Liver, kidney, speen, pancreas, tripe, etc.


In addition to health, our Silken Windhounds are bred with a focus on correct structure, which effects function, movement, and soundness. Continually working to improve and maintain the breed is our goal.


Temperament is also of upmost importance to us. When selecting a sire for a litter, temperament is one of the most important factors in my decision. In addition to selection, there is the process of raising and socializing the puppies. We follow a rigorous process throughout puppyhood that include Early Neurological Stimulation, exposure to everyday household sights and sounds, different types of dogs, people, environments, etc.


Our Silken Windhounds and Whippet are an integral part of our lives. They go just about everywhere with us. We frequent State Parks, trails, and various other areas in search of adventures. So whether they are running on mountain bike trails, chasing each other on Missouri creek beaches, we are always having a good time. We also participate in conformation, racing, and lure coursing with our hounds. But mostly they are loved companions, our teachers, our little pieces of pure happiness.

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