Willow | Kristull Wind Dancer CQ


SIRE | Kristull Chosen Man CGC “Harper”
DAM | Kristull Nocturne “Nocturne”


DOB | 5/23/2005
HEIGHT | 21 in
MDR1 | Carrier
CEA | Clear
EYES | Cerf SWH-159N/2007–24 (Normal)
THYROID | SWH-TH36/23F-NOPI (Normal)
CARDIAC | SWH-CA61/23F/c-NOPI (Normal)


NICKNAMES |  Willow Pillow, Pumpkin, Pancake
QUIRKS | She can stand absurdly still for
long periods of time
OCCUPATION | Meditation Teacher
LOVES | Bird toys, getting massages, running fast in small spaces,
the shade, walks, & life in general
HATES | Hot weather and rude boys
OBSESSIONS | Following me around & food
SECRETS | She secretly thinks Donati is cute, shhhh


Willow is truly my heart dog. I fell in love with her the moment I saw her at Chris’ house (Renaissance Silkens). I am forever indebted to Chris for letting her come live with me. She is so calm and loving. I don’t know what I would do without this girl sleeping by my feet at night. She is such a source of comfort and happiness for me.

Willow is by no means hyper. She does have her moments during the day where she spins and twirls at extremely high speeds. She tornadoes through anything in her path with shear gusto and joy.

Her temperament is rock solid. Nothing and I mean nothing phases this girl. She even enjoys car and boat rides.

She is a solid girl with a very nice front and rear. She is smaller in size and has a very nice bite. She moves very well and is balanced. At Silkenfest 07 Willow took 1st in the Novice Bitch class. At Silkenfest ‘10, she took 2nd in a very nice broad bitch class. Her daughter Rosie took 1st in the 6-9 month puppy bitch class as well. Overall, she is a dream of a dog. Perfectly behaved, sweet as a button, and she is excited about life.

She is the most animated of my 3 on walks. She moves her head like those bobble head toys in excitement. But her favorite thing above all other things is being petted. She definitely is convinced that this is her life purpose. She purrs like a cat if your hand is even near her head.

On June 25, 2009, Willow graced us with 5 beautiful puppies. 3 girls & 2 boys. The litter was sired by Renaissance From Snow Capt Peaks, Ransom. They became the Minerology Litter. I love to attend rock & gemstone show and own quite a few books on the power of minerals. The girls were named Wildflower’s Ruby Red (Ruby), Rose Quartz (Rosie), & Alunite (Aluna). And the boys were named Malachite & Aragon. Ruby is mahogany brindle and has stayed here with us. Rosie is also mahogany and has gone to live up near Chicago. Aluna, now Tallulah, lives down near Austin TX, Malachi is up in Montana & Aragon near San Francisco. They are all out having the time of their lives with there new families.

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