Silken Windhound Photo Shoot

Lighting. It is so so important. I am always searching for amazing light as a pet photographer. I decided to hit the trails one morning with 3 of my Silken Windhounds to see what we would find. To my delight there was some beautiful sunlight in the trees with just the right amount of shade for a mini photo shoot. I get asked all the time how I create the images that I do. So here is a quick list of things to consider when doing a dog photo shoot:

1. Afternoon or evening sun with a nice shady area for the dogs to stand in. Definitely avoid taking photos of your dogs in the harsh sunlight. Especially in the middle of the day. Having the sun backlight the dog is absolutely beautiful.

2. Get down on the ground. I always get my pants dirty. I’m usually at eye level or below. Never above.

3. Get close. You really want to get quite a bit of them in the frame so you can see the beautiful details in their face and coat.

4. Be still. You want the dog to the look at the camera and not other people most of the time. Try squeaking a toy literally on top of your lens. I also can whistle really high pitch between my two front teeth which really comes in handy.

5. Camera and lens quality is key. If you are really  looking to take your photos to the next level I highly recommend using prime lenses and shooting in RAW format on your DSLR. I almost exclusively shoot with a 50mm prime lens on my Canon 5D Mark III. The RAW file format allows you to edit your photo in a much wider range than JPG format.

Hope you enjoy the photos. The diverse colors of the fall landscape allowed for some really nice colors to work with while editing them. Love the purple and cream hues. The Silkens in the photos are Willow (Kristull Wind Dancer), Ruby (Wildflower’s Ruby Red), and Apple (Springlane Kristull Cupid).

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