Last week I had the pleasure to visit with one of Willow’s daughters, Tallulah, from my Mineralogy Litter, which was born in 2009. She is a Texan Silken Windhound gal that lives with Other’s brother Blue. It is always fun when you first see them,there is a pause before they figure out who you are. Tallulah started twirling, and jumping, and kissing my face with joy. She then proceeded to show me around her yard and house and all the places she likes to nap. Her owners are a fabulous family. They told me how Tallulah is friends with their mini-goat, has her own egg stash from the chickens, and how much they love her.

I couldn’t be more happy to see her doing well. She had grown-up into a beautiful lady with some tiny little curls like her mom. She mostly looks like Ransom, her dad, but with her mom’s eyes for sure.

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